Friday, July 10, 2009

U2 - "Red Hill Mining Town"

I'm off for the weekend - West Cork, which means pints of Murphys, hopefully some surf (MSW seems to think so), and the main point of the trip - collecting the wedding album. It'll also be the puppy's first ever trip to West Cork, which should be interesting!

So, in tribute to the collapse of the Irish economy, the implosion of the house market, and the crippling debt burden that we have taken on (and anyone who thinks there are green shoots coming, either wake up and smell the coffee, or close your eyes so you don't see what the dollar is going to do in the next few years) - here is the tune for Friday.

Another album, another moment of genius. Apart from those of us who have serious paid-for assets behind us or are very cash-rich, we're all in Red Hill Mining Town now...

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