Friday, July 24, 2009

Primal Scream - "Come Together"

The tune for Friday - Primal Scream at the peak of their powers, getting worked over by Andrew Weatherall at the peak of his powers. This is brilliant.

"Today on this program you will hear, Gospel, and rythym and blues, and jazz - all those are just labels - we know that music is music..."


John Braine said...

Really evokes a mood of a time doesn't it?

In my limited knowledge of Primal Scream they were nothing without Weatherall.

Reminds me of Fallen as well, which i used to a dore:

divot said...

Yeah, the Scream had their moments, but they were never as good as with Weatherall. Some people say that Weatherall was never as good as with the Scream, but that's rubbish if you ask me - he's one of my favourite artist/DJs - completely maverick.. he's going to be the subject of a post at some point soon!

And yeah, all the early One Dove stuff is amazing as well. Fallen is a complete classic. Many happy memories of our old flat in Glasgow, putting on "Morning Dove White" 8am post club, sunrise, when nobody had it in them to DJ or move any more. Good times...