Friday, July 17, 2009

Pink Floyd - "Shine on you crazy diamond"

Tune for this Friday is the Floyd. They had a massive influence on me musically when I was growing up. I remember my first album I ever purchased was Dark Side of the Moon - on cassette. (Has anyone listened closely to a cassette recently? Do you have any idea how good it sounds compared to MP3?) When I finally folded and got a CD player, it was also the first album I got on CD. Even today, some of the stuff on that album still blows me away. And after hundreds of listens, yes, the alarms going off still makes me jump three feet in the air!

Another epic album Pink Floyd released was a live album titled "Delicate Sound of Thunder". There's something about the production on this that just draws you in - it's so three-dimensional and shimmery, you kind of feel yourself sucked into a sphere of noise.

From Delicate Sound of Thunder, here's "Shine on you crazy diamond" live at Knebworth. It's worth opening in a new youtube window and clicking on the HQ button, as the stereo audio makes a vast difference.

Check also "On the Turning Away" from the same album - the levels are bit jumpy in this live version, but the song is another classic, and dissapointingly still relevant.

Is it only a dream that there'll be no more turning away?

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Anonymous said...

Snap! Dark Side was the first album i bought on cd also. what great music. its an earnest soundtrack for the metamorphing of earnest boys to men everywhere. And great to return to also. Anytime i hear a Pink Floyd track, it completely dominates the situation-im swept away to a stage, wind in the hair, guitar in hand, eyes closed, lost in the music. No sweeping guitar riffs or majestic ballads anymore, unfortunately.
Love the show.