Saturday, September 06, 2008

This is the one...

At 2PM today, Scotland embark on the qualification process for the 2010 World Cup -and I feel like I've only just gotten over the dissapointment of failing to reach Euro 2008. As a taster of the highs and lows to come, here's possibly the greatest football video clip I've seen put together.

Launched as a warm up video to the last qualification game for Scotland last time around (versus Italy), it's neither here nor there until about 1 min 34, where the review of the last campaign starts. I'm not usually a massive fan of Coldplay, but combined with Scotland doing this well, it puts the hairs up on the back of my neck.

Particularly great moments - at 3:03, Scotland 1, France 0. Scotland defeat one of the greatest teams in the world at home.

And then at 5:05, a not-realistically-fancied Scotland visit Paris for the return match, and James McFadden scores that goal. I still want to leap through the roof every time I see it.
So here we are, and here we go again. Come on now boys - this time...

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