Friday, September 19, 2008

Blowback in Yemen?

The attack in the last week on the US embassy in Yemen is being widely blamed on al-Qaeda type terrorists operating in the territory.

But over at Obsidian Wings, the theory is floated that this could in fact be direct Al-Qaeda blowback from the Iraqi insurgency - a chilling but far from impossible thought.

Al-Qaeda was originally born in the pressure cooker of the guerrilla struggle to liberate Afghanistan from the might of the Russian army. One of the major concerns of the anti-war movement prior to the Iraq war, was that the US going in to Iraq and beginning an occupying power could create a new cauldron, where fighters would flock, youths would be radicalised, new networks would be forged, and people with good cause to hate the US would become highly trained in urban and asymmetric warfare.

In other words, the concern was that if the Afghanistan of the 1980s gave birth to al-Qaeda, then what will the Iraq of the 2000s bring us in the decades to follow?

Could this attack in Yemen be the first signal that the worst fears of the anti-war movement may not have been misplaced?

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