Friday, June 26, 2009

Benji Candelario - Central Park / Rum de Coco (Released for Pleasure)

Seeing as it's Friday, it's time for a Friday sort of track. Here is one from New York, from back in 1996 - the occasionally incredible Benji Candelario, and Central Park (Rum de Coco).

Back at the tail end of the time when NYC was really doing it for house music (who remembers those days?), it comes from the post-Strictly Rhythm era when Candelario, MoodIISwing, and Masters at Work were in their prime. This really is one of the best examples of the era, and it's nothing short of awesome. A deep hard-hitting house beat, and a pounding bassline in fifths and octaves are a gift to get a more musical tune on to the tougher dancefloors.

Then there's the break that introduces the organ solo, and then the drop back in to the kick drum. Not only is it musical, it's thunderous.

When you've been playing darker and tougher house tracks in a set, there is absolutely no record that is guaranteed to lift the atmosphere like this one - and consequently, you can safely drive into darker territory with a less 'techno' crowd, ready to slam this in as the payoff when the moment is right. In fact, nothing makes this record work better than approaching it through a couple of austere tracks.

I'm not sure I can remember a single time that I've played it out in a club where someone hasn't come up to me and asked me what it is. It doesn't get much better than this.

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this inspired me to pick up a few second hand moodIIswing and gemini 12" in underground solushn yesterday afternoon. thanks!