Friday, June 12, 2009

Arthur Kade

Forgive me for posting this, but have you met Arthur Kade?

Or perhaps, seen his Twitter page?

I'm not sure what constructively I can say about this - except, please send help.

Kade in his own, inimitably self-obsessed Twitter words:

"All of my female friends are hot and have implants and the unattractive ones at least have successful, high paying jobs."

"Acclaimed casting director Mike Lemon says my performances are cool and effortless and that I'm a "once in a generation" talent."

"I am too good looking for radio, but I think I have a diverse, powerful, and interesting enough personality, that I could be great at it."

"Just finished an amazing radio appearance with Danny Bonaduce. He mentioned several times how good looking I am"

"Went to my ex's bday party and had to be careful not to monopolize the whole party with my good looks and celebrity stories. Impressive."

"People don’t realize the effort that goes into getting perfect pictures. I have had times where a look was so hot, I just look amazing."

"I just hired an acting coach (Pat Jordan of Philadelphia) and I could tell she was shocked by my good looks and innate acting ability."

"My beard is really looking amazing. I think it gives me that leading man/tough guy look, like Colin Farrell."

"Changed my Twitter backgrounds today with head shots because I think it better perpetuates the "Kade brand"."

And my own personal favourite:

"I'm blessed with thick, full hair that looks amazing straight or curly."

Just for some fan perspective, here are some snippets from the comments people have left on his webpage:

"I might have to just stop posting, because there are no words whatsoever for the trainwreck that is that commentary video at the top"

"I started to watch the ‘autograph’ clip and had to stop :10 in . . .
again Arthur,

"someone needs a severe douching of the soul i thinks."

"he is truly a perfect storm of douchebaggery"

"The decline of western civilization has finally happened."

"The pig in Babe had way more highly evolved acting skills"

If you don't feel uncomfortable already, then be sure to check out the Kade Scale (his rating system for women).

And if that doesn't do it, then his Youtube Channel surely will.

Perhaps the Final Dance Rehearsal will do it for you. Or mabye even seeing the "Kade Dance" go down live in a nightclub...?

If none of that works for you, then could I suggest that you try the poolside danceoff?

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John Braine said...

Yeah his blog is great. Have read it before. Wasn't sure if it was entirely real before seeing his videos just now. Have just watched number one fan. Jeez!

No doubt he googles himself 12 times a day and will drop in to say hello. Hi Arthur!