Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mick Chillage - "Pure Blue" [Dave Anderson remix]

After a bit of quiet on the music front for a couple months, I've a new remix out today...

Mick Chillage - "Pure Blue" [Dave Anderson remix] (Nice & Nasty)

This is a remix I completed a couple months ago. The original track by Dublin man about town Mick Chillage is a gorgeous piece of chilled out bluesy electronics, whereas my remix is a 10 minute walking pace thudding deep house reworking with jazzy overtones. Or something like that. As I added a big breezy jazzy melody, I had actually labelled it my "Pure Blues" remix (Pure Blue, Pure Blues, you see what I did there?) - but the title got lost somewhere in the process of releasing.

The label (Nice & Nasty) says this about the release:

2009 has witnessed the rise of Mick Chillage. After two decades of purveying the finest ambient techno and abstract dance across the airwaves of Ireland and in various clubs, his star as a producer has finally risen due to the Departure EP and its' subsequent remixes.

The third remix pack from the Departure EP is Pure Blue and features the talents of Finland's Lackluster, Anglo-Irish star Dave Anderson (Ferox records); and Andrew Duke of Canada.

Lackluster goes deep into abstraction with scattered sounds and anti-rhythmic beats full of fx and weirdness whilst Dave Anderson delivers the finest Detroit style techno and one of the most club friendly Chillage trax to date.

I'm really pleased with how it turned out anyway - you can download it, now, from here:

(for contrast - the original of Mick's "Pure Blue" is here)

Enjoy :)

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