Thursday, May 21, 2009

Max Mobley - "Riot Gear!" (Crawdaddy)

Here's a column that's worth a look - my ex-colleague Max Mobley is writing for the online reincarnation of legendary US rock magazine, Crawdaddy.

The column is called Riot Gear!, and offers humerous occasional musings on music, technology, humanity, and the places they meet in the middle.

There's some pretty good stuff on there - for instance, Max's recent review of a Beatles based show, or his hilarious (and all too familiar) take on how recording sessions become consumed by technical difficulties.

It's great stuff, and definitely worth a look if you like a bit of music and a bit of techy stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Slainte', Dave!

And thanks for the insight into DJ'ing as an elevated art form!