Friday, October 23, 2009

Carl Craig - At Les

There have been many good electronic records, but I'm not sure that anyone has ever written one greater than Carl Craig's Detroitian masterpiece "At Les".

I've lost count of how many times I've listened to this tune, and it still never fails to blow me away. A grumbling breathy 5th counterpointing the sighing chords, the most subtle of lower notes here and there, a tough pinned down synth eventually riveting the beats in to place to prepare for the shuffling quasi-acoustic breakbeats, electronic china cymbals heralding the arrival of a buried kick drum - and that haunting wind motif falling, falling, falling...


John Braine said...

Was glad to see the Friday tunes weren't entirely gone.

At Les is a classic alright. Very distinctive.

Home Entertainment is the one that always did it for me. Specially when those strings kick in halfway through.

They have everything on youtube these days!

divot said...

Dammit does that mean I have to carry on with them? I guess we'll have a Friday tune when I'm feeling the Friday buzz, and otherwise we may skip some weeks.

That Home Entertainment is alright alright, great synth noises. It's no At Les though :)