Friday, August 07, 2009

Metro Area - "Miura"

I was going to post something a bit more morose today, but I had a great moment in the shop this morning on the way to work that completely changed my mind.

I was in getting the infamous Irish breakfast roll on the way to work (no canteen any more, which means no fryup on a Friday - out/insourcing is not a victimless crime!), and standing at the counter in the motorbike gear with the roll and a drink waiting to pay, the guy behind the counter asked if I was going on "a long drive".

No, unfortunately I'm off to work I said. He responded "Ah". Long pause. "Nice day today though. Long drive, you get a bit hungry, stop the bike and have some of the roll and a drink."

I couldn't argue with the simplicity of his vision. One man, the motorbike, the road, the sun, and a breakfast roll. Emerging into the bright clear Dublin sunlight, suddenly there was only one tune for today - the retro-disco of Morgan Geist and freinds from a few years back.

Classy stuff, and a reminder of how easy it is to change someone's day.

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