Sunday, April 26, 2009

dave anderson - FH09 mix

Here's a mix for the spring and summer. Much different from my previous dancefloor-oriented efforts, it's more of a chilled out "back to mine" type effort, and as we move (hopefully) into summer, it's for those sunny outdoor afternoon moments, or for those late party sunrise moments.

Tracklist is as follows:

plaid - "undoneson" - (warp)
cim - "comfort control" - (delsin)
bitstream - "monolith" - (signal)
cyrus - "inversion" - (basic channel)
the monsters from id - "bingo" - (signal)
move d - "in/out" - (fifth freedom)
marco bernardi - "trane" - (emoticon)
digitonal - "drencrom" - (toytonic)
digitonal - "carcause" - (toytonic)
future beat alliance - "void" - (delsin)
bola - "vespers" - (skam)

Grab it here - enjoy!

1 comment:

rudegary said...

Peace! I'd download this if I could but crappy web access speeds here in Hong Kong so I'll get it from you whenever I make it home.