Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Waldorf Q

So, I'm remixing a track at the weekend. I've been working on it for a couple weeks, in moments snatched between work, sleeping, DIY, and the rest. It's nearly at final mix stage - I've managed to maintain my desire to keep going, get it finished, it's sounding good, I'm excited.

So, I take my Waldorf Q Keyboard (which I love), and having come up with one last killer sound to put in the track, I try to save it.

It's obviously having a problem with this request, because it tries "reorganising memory" for a good few seconds. Then it comes back with this little beauty of an error report...

It was at least funny - my first reaction was involuntary laughter. But I mean, seriously - sort out your error messages. Not just "Flash full" (which would have told me everything I needed to know). Or perhaps "Memory full", for the non-geek users. Or even "Flash really full", or if they wanted to get militant about it, mabye "Flash badly full".

But "hopeless"? Lots of things I need from the machines in my studio - but emotional pessimism like this, is not one of them!

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