Wednesday, May 10, 2006

New Moog!

Thoughts my synthesizer buying might be over for the time being were shattered by the Little Phatty at the Frankfurt Music Show in March. Opinion on this keyboard seems to be pretty violently split online, with many declaring it their latest lovechild, and others shunning it as a betrayal of all that is Moog.

Having seen it and played with it, I can report that it sounds amazing, and it looks utterly stunning – probably the most physically attractive keyboard I’ve ever seen. Whilst the internet opinion is split, my experience has been that everyone that has seen this thing in the flesh, wants one. Badly.

The first edition is a special tribute to Bob Moog (who passed away following his input to the initial design stages of the Little Phatty) – this initial tribute edition run being 1200 units only at around US $1,500. There is talk of a revamped full production model closer to the US $1000 mark following this, but with a pared down physical appearance - this is yet to be confirmed.

So long as you are behind me in the queue, let the stampede begin…

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